Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Do you sell different size meshes, like for straining finer particles?

A. Not at this time. Many customers use 2 meshes instead of 1 to strain out finer particles for primer or stains!

Q. Is straining paint from a full can into a pan the only way to use C2P Strain?

A. NO! We have many customers who put C2P Strain on an empty can, and pour their paint through the mesh that way!

Q. Is C2P Strain re-usable?

A. YES! the Pour Spout can be used many times, but the mesh are single use. Check out our individual Mesh Replacement Packs for refills!

Q. Can the Pour Spout be reused even if paint has dried on it?

A. YES! The polypropylene material is chemical resistant and dry paint peels right off!

Q. Does C2P Strain work on all 1 gallon paint cans?

A. C2P Strain works on all common brands of standard metal cans. For unused empty cans, be sure to tap a lid into the can first to expand the groove.

Q.  Do you sell a C2P Strain 5 gallon strainer?

A.  Not at this time... but we are working on it! Check out our survey here to help us design the best 5 gallon strainer for you!