Where Engineering Meets Paint

Our CEO worked in the paint industry for 7 years and noticed a huge issue with the way painters strained their paint. Painters would use deep fryer oil strainers, socks, and panty hose, just to avoid using the messy elastic bag and paper cone strainers. Our CEO saw that painters would often bring back paint with chunks in it and after they painted a house, would have unsatisfied customers who requested a full redo of the job.

Our COO and CTO worked together as Mechanical Engineers and designed products for multiple start ups including an automated bridge inspection robot and glasses that keep you awake while driving.

When our CEO met our COO and CTO, thats where C2P Strain was born! A product that can allow painters to easily strain their paint with no mess and re-usuable mesh screens to catch the debris. This is still the only product that allows painters to directly perform a Can to Pan strain straight from the paint can to their cut pot or paint tray. 

This is where engineering meets paint!

Shane Springer

David Pavlik

Shane Smith




Bob Pavlik




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