Background - From Building it Ourselves to On Store Shelves


After initial prototypes in early 2017, rigorous testing and feedback from painters, redesigns, patents, packaging and promotional designs, and learning the ropes of large scale shipping, we produced our first run of Strainers in early September of 2018. Since then our mission has been to spread the word to painters and paint store owners that C2P Strainers offer a solution to messy and wasteful methods of straining chunks and dry chips out of paint. C2P Strain has been well received as an alternative to typical bag stainers, and other methods like nylons or oil strainers.


Q1 2019

EZ Strain LLC had a successful first quarter of 2019 making sales to both individual paint contractors through our website and numerous retail stores via business to business marketing. By targeting paint retail locations in a few specific regions within USA and Canada, we developed communities familiar with the product and provided painters with multiple locations to purchase strainers.


Stores providing feedback say that painters are responding positively to the product and are realizing the cost and time saving benefits of using C2P Strainers over traditional straining methods.

Another area of focus this quarter was increasing social media presence in order to raise awareness for the product. EZ Strain LLC has been grateful for the opportunity to be interviewed on 3 podcasts and featured in several professional video reviews of product, receiving over 25,000 views on facebook, instagram, and linkedin.



EZ Strain LLC has specific goals for quarter 2 focusing on retail stores, social media growth, and product development.

  • Continue to grow by supporting the inventory demand of current stores while expanding to additional regions showing increasing interest for the product.

  • Increase focus on the critical task of educating painters that an option exists for a cheaper, cleaner, and faster alternative to problematic straining methods.

  • Engineering development of product variations and additional product lines which painters are consistently requesting.

Finally, we are excited to announce that select stores carrying C2P Strain will be receiving our new, custom made cardboard display cases. These countertop fixtures will provide a front row seat for C2P Strain and give customers the opportunity to pick one up with every gallon of paint purchased.

Thank you for your support, and be on the lookout for additional content and updates in the near future!

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